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Get Growing! Gardening Workshop

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Unleash your green thumb and bring your gardening aspirations to life by learning the skills and techniques to grow your own thriving, flourishing garden.

Imagine the endless possibilities of growing your own delicious food and beautiful blooms. Join us for the Get Growing! Workshop. 


Part One - Virtual Component - March 6th - 6 pm
In this virtual session we’ll guide you through planning out your garden of your dreams. The joy and excitement of planning your garden and ordering seeds during the chilly winter months it’s just the diversion we need as we wait for spring. 

You’ll learn about mapping out your gardening space, improving your soil, choosing the right plants, and where to plant them.

We’ll share our favourite high quality seed sources so you can custom order specifically for your garden.

With proper planning, you can ensure that your garden is both beautiful and functional, providing you with fresh produce, blooms with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  

You will be sent an email link for the virtual workshop

Part Two - Hands On In-Person Workshop at the Farm -  April 22nd - 11 am
Not only is starting seeds a relaxing and therapeutic activity, but it's also a valuable life skill. Discover the secrets to growing strong and healthy seedlings with simple, easy-to-follow steps in our hands-on seed starting workshop.

You'll learn various seed-starting techniques (soil blocking, direct seeding), strategies for guaranteed germination, the optimal conditions for seedling growth, and how to keep your seedlings thriving until they are ready to be transplanted.

At the "Get Growing!" workshop, you'll gain hands-on experience and knowledge on how to effectively transplant seedlings into your garden without any transplant shock.

You'll learn the best techniques for ensuring your plants flourish and reach their full potential. 

Let's Grow Together! Sign up for the Get Growing Gardening workshop today. We'd love to have you.