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Micro Green Sampler

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Microgreens! These fancy little things simply make any dish awesome! 

Microgreens are jam-packed with rich nutrients. Some micros, such as broccoli, have ten times the nutrition value as a fully grown vegetable!

Eat them fresh right out of the bag for maximum nutritional value and flavour. Add them to sandwiches and wraps for a wonderful crunch. Wrap your omelettes up with them or put them on the side as a garnish. Put them on top of your soups and stews to bring summer back into your cold days of winter.

Here’s what’s included in the delicious sampler pack:

1 50g bag of pea shoot

1 75g bag of mixed spicy Mike
This spicy micro mix will light up anything you add it to. Enjoy it with anything that needs a crunchy refreshing punch.

1 75g bag of health kick Norris
Delicious mixed micros that pack a flavorful health kick to the tastebuds!

This micro sampler pack includes Pea shoots, Sunflower shoots, Kale, and Broccoli.