Keeping Peony Blooms Ant-Free: Tips and Tricks!

Keeping Peony Blooms Ant-Free: Tips and Tricks!

There's an undeniable magic to peonies—the way their layers of delicate petals unfurl, evoking a grand celebration of spring. Each bloom is a masterpiece, boasting vibrant hues and a sweet, intoxicating fragrance capable of lifting spirits and illuminating any space. It's a simple joy that infuses our daily lives with happiness.

But, peony season might lose its charm if your beautiful bushes are overrun by ants...

With every flower comes misconceptions, and one of the most enduring myths about peonies is the belief that ants are essential for their blooms to open. It's simply not true...ants are merely drawn to the sweet nectar found on peony buds; their presence doesn't influence the flower's opening process.

As flower farmers, every peony season inundates us with questions about how to remove ants from peonies. Here are some practical tips to ensure your peony blooms are free from ants when bringing them into your home:

  1. Harvest at the Marshmallow Stage: Snip your peonies before they fully open - like in this picture. This stage, known as the "marshmallow stage," ensures fewer ants on the buds. They should be a bit squishy not rock hard.

  2. Give Them a Gentle Shake: Before bringing your peonies indoors, turn them upside down and give them a gentle shake to dislodge any ants. Alternatively, flick the ants off carefully.

  3. Rinse Under Water: If your peonies have already opened and ants are present, run the blooms under a gentle stream of water or briefly submerge them until the ants are removed.

As with any flowers, proper care enhances their vase life, and peonies are no exception. Maximize the longevity of your peony bouquets with these tips...

  • Fresh Water and a Cool Location: Place your freshly cut peonies in clean, fresh water, and avoid displaying them in direct sunlight. Instead, choose a cool, shaded spot in your home to enjoy their beauty for longer.

  • Daily Love and Attention: Give your peonies a fresh snip at the stem and replace the water in their vase daily. Peonies are thirsty flowers and will appreciate the extra hydration to stay vibrant.


Now go take some action and bring some beautiful peonies into your home to enjoy! ♡



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