Why you should get cracking with Pastured Eggs

Free Range Pastured Hens

Pastured Eggs are more nutritious, and provide a better life for the hens and are beneficial to the environment.

Why the difference...what is it about grocery store eggs and our farm pastured that make them so different? 

It's all about farming practices. We are regenerative farmers who produce pastured eggs for our farm family. 

When someone has truly pastured eggs from our farm their mind is blown. We hear them say "The eggs are sooo good!" "I had no idea that eggs could taste this good!" They are not only different in taste but in appearance and nutritional value. Pastured eggs have bright vibrant yolks, bursting with flavour and are more nutrient dense because of the hen's natural diet (omega 3) from the pasture, fresh air and sunshine. 

Pastured Hens are more than a commodity on our farm...they are part of a thriving ecosystem. Playing a role in making our planet better. The hens follow the cows on the pasture rotation. The hens job is to break apart the cow plops and spread the fertility by using the super power of their feet (think fan rake). They also add their own fertility to the soil. Throughout the day they are on the move scratching/disturbing the pasture which exposes the crown of the young plants to sunlight. This contributes to healthier forage that stores carbon and fuels the cows. By comparison conventionally raised hens (grocery store eggs) are raised exclusively in long barns walking on, breathing in, and dust bathing in their own manure day and night (watch a video here inside a chicken barn)

The artificial environment ...lack of natural sunlight, space, ventilation and inferior diet causes the hen to produce less nutritious, tasteless eggs, not to mention the quality of life for the hen. 

Be part of the solution - seek out truly pastured eggs from your local farmer.

By making a small change in the eggs you eat, you could make a big difference. Truly pastured eggs (local eggs are better but pastured eggs are the best) contribute to your health, the life of the hen, and a farming practice that feeds the soil and ultimately contributes to the healing of our planet. It doesn't have to be complicated. Look to nature. When you support farming practices in your community that incorporate plants and animals working together in a natural way. You will positively affect the environment. You will feel like you are making a difference...because you are! 


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