Celebrating Earth Day on our Farm

Celebrating Earth Day on our Farm

At Maple Ridge Farm, we know Mother Nature is more than just a day on the calendar. She's our co-worker, boss, time clock, friend... sometimes even our enemy! But through it all, she's without a doubt a constant source of connection and inspiration.

Nature's rhythm and each season guide our work, leaving us in constant awe of the beauty that surrounds us. That's why we're inviting you to celebrate Earth Week with a focus on reconnecting with the natural world around us. 

Pick a Daily Dose of Nature:

Sunrise Serenade: Head outside 30 minutes before dawn (around 6:15 am these days) and witness the sky transform. The quiet stillness and fiery colors are a powerful reminder of the Earth's magic. Bring a hot drink to sip and savour the moment. 
Sunset Stroll: Swap your screen time for a sunset stroll. Bathe in the warm glow as the sun dips below the horizon, and breathe in the fresh air. Listen for the evening sounds (maybe even peepers!) and appreciate nature's daily show.
Barefoot Break: Take your shoes off for 5 minutes and reconnect with the Earth! Find a grassy patch and feel the ground beneath your toes. It's a simple way to ground yourself and reconnect with the natural world.
Phone-Free Nature Walk: Ditch the phone for a mindful walk. Engage your senses: See a new flower, hear birds chirping, feel the sun on your skin, smell the fresh air. You'll be surprised at the little wonders you discover!
Grow something: Plant a seed in a pot or your garden and witness the miracle of life unfold. It's a reminder of nature's magic.

By incorporating these simple acts into your week, you'll celebrate Earth Day in a way that truly resonates with you.

At Maple Ridge Farm, Earth Week is a celebration that unfolds all season long! We witness the magic firsthand – from the calming hush of falling snow to the first tender shoots pushing through the soil in spring to the colourful blooms we harvest throughout the year. We're surrounded by the playful energy of fluffy chicks and curious calves, lulled by the buzzing symphony of our busy bees, and forever awestruck by the breathtaking beauty around us.

Happy Earth Day from Maple Ridge Farm!

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