Everything you need to know about caring for tulips

Everything you need to know about caring for tulips

A clean vase and cool water is all tulips need. Tulips are heavy drinkers...they’re always thirsty. Check water daily and top it up, replacing it if it becomes murky.

If straight tulips is the look you like, stand tulips in tall glass containers or cut the stems short and arrange them in a shorter vase/jar. They’ll stay upright for a while.

If you love the relaxed look, group them in a container that will allow the flowers to drape themselves artfully bending and stretching over the edge as their stems lengthen. 

I love how tulips change and bend and elongate the longer you have them but if the stems get a little unruly, you can always straighten your tulips’ stems. Remove them from the vase, trim the ends and wrap them snugly in newspaper, tucking in the blossoms but leaving the lower stems bare. Stand the bundle in water in a cool place for an hour or two and voila straight stems again.

Keep your tulips out of direct sun and away from fruit. Ripening fruit releases a gas that causes flowers to mature quickly. 

Tulips have a long vase life if placed in ideal conditions and should last at least a week.

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