How we make creamy honey

How we make creamy honey

Creamed Honey is simply honey that is intentionally crystallized. It’s made with raw runny honey and finely crystallized honey. When the seed honey is slowly stirred into the runny honey all the honey crystallizes. 

When I first heard about creamed honey years ago - I assumed they took cream and whipped some honey into it. But that's not true, despite the name no dairy is involved - creamed honey is completely natural honey. 

You still get all the health benefits of this superfood we're just speeding up a process that naturally happens with high quality natural honey.  

It all starts with a secret ratio of raw honey and finely crystallized honey (called seed honey or starter). Both go into a special honey creaming machine. The honey is then slowly and steadily stirred for 15 mins of every hour for a minimum of 36 hours. 

Creamed honey varies in texture and taste from beekeeper to beekeeper. Factors  like the size of the crystals used in the seed honey, ratio of starter and the amount of flavouring used all alter the taste and texture of creamy honey. 

We source premium organic ingredients to add to our creamy honey. 

Temperature plays an important factor in the honey creaming process. Once jarred, the newly combined honey takes time to “set up” ideally in a cool place. This is why you often don’t see creamy honey available in the summer months. We’ve found the flower cooler to be the perfect temperature for the creamy honey to rest and set. ;-0

Without a doubt, creamy honey is a favourite in our house! It’s incredibly tasty, spreadable (think caramel consistency), with no mess.

We're excited to be offering seasonal flavours throughout the year.

Try creamy honey in your morning coffee or as a latte, use it in baking (hello apple crisp or granola) or slathered on toast. The possibilities are endless.

We’re excited for you to try Creamy Pumpkin Spice Honey. 

Raspberry Delight will be offered in the coming weeks.  


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