Revive Your Floppy Flowers or Herbs with this Simple Hack!

Revive Your Floppy Flowers or Herbs with this Simple Hack!

Have you ever brought home a bunch of fresh basil from the grocery store, only to find it flopping sadly within hours?

You can also try using this trick with wilted cut flowers, especially if you harvested them in the heat of the day or forgot your flowers in your hot car or didn’t get them in water right away. 

Here’s a magical solution that will bring your wilted flower or basil back to life and keep it vibrant for days.

This simple hack will transform your floppy basil or wilted flower into a fresh and lively stem again.

It's called the "Boiling Water Method," and it's incredibly simple.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Fill your kettle with water, once boiled, pour the boiling water into a mug….maybe a quarter of the mug….

  • Take your wilted stem and quickly re-cut the stem at an angle with sharp flower clippers.

  • Submerge the freshly cut stem ends into the mug of boiling water.

  • Let the stems sit in the water for about a minute.

  • Remove the stems from the mug and transfer to a vase of cool water.

Watch the miraculous transformation, it will leave you in awe! 

The stems will straighten, and the leaves will become perky and full of life once again.

So why does this work? 

The "boiling water trick" works by using two main effects on the stem

  • Sealing the Cut: When you cut a flower or herb stem, it creates an open wound that can lead to air bubbles getting trapped in the xylem (tiny tubes responsible for water transport). These air bubbles can block water uptake, causing the stem to wilt. Placing the freshly cut end of the stem into boiling water for a short time helps seal the wound, preventing excessive air from entering the xylem and enhancing water uptake.

  • Stimulating Water Flow: The heat from the boiling water can also stimulate the stem to draw in water more efficiently. It helps to break down any blockages or air bubbles that may already be present in the stem, allowing water to flow freely up the stem and rehydrate the wilted foliage.

Keep in mind that while this method can work wonders for certain flowers and herbs, it may not be suitable for all varieties. 

Experiment with different flowers and herbs and observe the results. It works really well with mint, and hydrangeas too...

Next time you find yourself with droopy basil or a wilted flower stem, don't throw it out! Instead, perform the "Boiling Water Method" trick, and watch as the stems bounce back to life. Get ready to be amazed and delighted by this simple yet extraordinary technique. 

We want to hear from you the first time you do this you are blown away by the result….

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