The Magical Transformation of a Tulip

The Magical Transformation of a Tulip

Bulbs are planted in the fall as they need cold (vernalization) to produce a bloom. Bulbs can be planting in groupings or like eggs in a carton close together but not touching. Bulbs should be planted twice as deep as the bulb.

Time to put down some roots. The roots start growing out of the base of the bulb. They pull nutrients from the soil for nourishment. Then the mother bulbs get ready for winter by chillin because they need cold to bloom in the spring. 

It's grow time when the starch turns to sugar and triggers growth of the tulip. The leaves and flower gradually push up-wards out of the bulb.

As soon as we see colour on the closed tulip blooms we harvest them bulb and all. By harvesting at this stage it ensures their blooms aren't spent before arriving on your doorstep. 


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