The Craft of Creamy Honey

The Craft of Creamy Honey

Let's unravel the magic behind creamed honey…

First things first – creamy honey isn't a result of mixing honey with cream, despite the name. Nope, no dairy involved here! Creamed honey is as natural as it gets, with all the health benefits of this superfood intact. What we're doing is simply expediting a process that Mother Nature herself orchestrates with high-quality natural honey.

A Sweet Symphony of Raw and Crystallized Honey 

It all starts with a secret blend of raw honey and finely crystallized honey, affectionately known as "seed honey" or "starter." These two ingredients enter a special honey creaming machine, where the real magic begins. The honey is slowly stirred for 15 minutes of every hour, and this for a minimum of 36 hours.

Now, here's where it gets interesting… – creamy honey is like fine wine, they don’t all taste the same. The texture and taste of creamed honey varies from beekeeper to beekeeper. Factors like the size of the crystals in the seed honey, the starter ratio, and the amount of flavouring used all play a role in crafting this honey masterpiece. We take it up a notch by perfecting our starter into a smooth velvety texture, and by sourcing only premium organic ingredients to add that extra layer of flavour. 

Oh, and here's a fun tidbit – temperature plays a role in the honey creaming process. Once jarred, creamy honey takes a leisurely time to "set up," ideally in a cool place. That's why you might not see creamy honey in the heat of summer. 

In our house, creamy honey is an all-time favourite! It's incredibly tasty, with a spreadable consistency that's reminiscent of caramel (minus the sticky mess). 

Creamy honey isn't just a spoonful of sweetness; it's a versatile culinary magician. Try it in your morning coffee or latte for a delightful twist. Get baking and add a dollop to your apple crisp or granola – your taste buds will thank you! And of course, there's always the classic slather-it-on-toast move - the creamy chocolate is a healthy nutella with just honey and organic cocoa. The possibilities with creamed honey are endless.

So, there you have it, Creamy honey, the sweet secret straight from nature's pantry, is now yours to enjoy. Dive in, spread it, sip it, and savour the creamy delight that only nature can provide.

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