Give your plants a boost with this easy recipe for compost tea

Give your plants a boost with this easy recipe for compost tea

On the flower side of the farm, the plants are really starting to get their grow on. It takes a bit to get over the shock of being transplanted but once they get established, they take right off. Since they are exerting so much energy it’s the perfect time to give them a little boost. Think of it as encouragement to keep going!

Compost tea will help your plants grow strong roots and foliage. It’s as simple as watering them with it. Have you heard of this concoction before? It's a healthy, organic way to boost your plants. A handful of compost has over 1 million microbes in it. These soil microbes enrich the soil and the plant. The healthier the plants the better the flowers or fruit it bears. So stronger flower stems, healthy leaves, more tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Trust me…if you have plants - compost tea is going to be your new friend. While there are very complicated recipes that require oxygen and agitation, this compost tea recipe is simple, no special equipment needed. It’s super easy and you will notice a difference in your plants within days.  

Compost tea is a natural way to nourish your plants. It helps them grow robust roots and will increase yields as well as their resiliency to handle any pests or diseases.

Make a batch today! All you need is a bucket and some compost. Your garden, flowerbeds, and planters will thank you. 

Here’s the Recipe

We always get requests for our rotted organic manure, but haven't found a way to offer it in a way that makes sense. It's coveted by us too ;-) BUT here's a way we can share this high quality stash of black gold we call it in small bags. You can use it amend your soil or there's enough to make quite a few batches of compost tea. You could also use it to activate your compost as it is full of healthy microbes,

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